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#FoodHistory : Where did scrumptious Samosa originate and how we made it Indian ? Find out here

alarm_on 2017-01-08 14:53:27

This is absolutely true that the favorite Indian Snack “Samosa” is not an Indian invention, but then how did this sparkling fried snack reach India. Even the story behind this is really interesting…

Samosa can be found in different variations across Indian landscapes, in north it is filled with potato while in east it comes with a sweet surprise and known as “Singhada.” If you go down the lane, you’ll find small Samosa filled with “keema” in Andhra Pradesh and in some parts of south onion samosa is very popular.

But if Samosa is not Indian where it did come from, Iranian historian Abu'l-Fadl Bayhaqi has mentioned about Samosa in his book "Tārīkh-e Bayhaqī." According to him Samosa was first invented in Central-East Asia in 10th Century AD where it was known as “Sambosa.” In recipe books of Arabians from 10th to 13th Century it has been named as “Sambosak” which is very similar to Farsi word “Sambosa.” In Egypt, Syria and Lebanon it is still called Sambosa.

Traditional Sambosak were half cylindrical in shape and filled with meat, onion and dry fruits before frying it up. Tasty indeed…

In 14th century AD some traders came to India from Central-East Asia along with some great food recipes, with them came Samosa and it was instantly loved by kings and ordinary people alike. The fondness for Samosa can be understood by the fact that Khusrau the royal poet of Delhi Sulnate has given special mention to this snack in his writings.

Ain-i-akbari has given special place to Samosa for it became royal snack at that time. Even foreign travelers like Ibn Battuta were in awe of Samosa and gave special mention to it in their works.

Today our Samosa has acquired different names all over world such as Singoda in Nepal, Samusa in Myanmar, Arabs call it Samsas, portugese say Chamucus, Sambusa in Africa and Sambusak in Israel among others.

But one thing is sure that Indian Samosa is most loved among its siblings all over the world. Don’t we… Feeling like hungry already, no problem go grab a Samosa. 

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